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Dash of Love

Dash of Love

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An unforgettable summer at Buttercup Lake where healing and hope fill the days and a little book club mends broken hearts in unexpected ways.

Grace Henry thought she had her life figured out, but when everything falls apart, she knows she must stay strong for her daughter's sake and uncover the truth behind her husband's secrets.

At thirty-five, Grace never expected to be a single mom, raising a teenage daughter while managing a demanding job. With summer approaching, she feels drawn back to her childhood refuge, Buttercup Lake. Upon arrival, she hopes the tranquil small town will help them find a new normal. She just never expects to find members of the local book club appearing around every corner.

Jackson Locke swore he’d never return to Buttercup Lake after leaving at eighteen. The woman he loved, Grace, broke his heart by running off with his best friend, Tim Henry. But when his uncle falls ill, Jackson is the only family member available to care for him, forcing him to return to the town he left behind.

To Jackson’s surprise, he finds Grace back in Buttercup Lake. Confronted with the woman who once shattered his heart, Jackson struggles to reconcile his past feelings with the woman she has become. As they spend time together in the close-knit community, old feelings resurface, and they both begin to wonder if they can find a second chance at love in the most unexpected place.

But the secrets they both hold close to their hearts could tear them apart.

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