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Imagining You

Imagining You

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Meet the Roberts sisters of Cloudberry Inn where family secrets are uncovered and a chance at love might mend their broken family.

Samantha Roberts never expects to hear from her sisters asking her to return home to Cloudberry Inn, especially since her sisters stopped speaking to her several years ago. She has learned to make a life of her own by throwing herself into her solitary work as a bestselling author. Yet, she secretly hopes returning to Cloudberry Inn will give her the answers she needs.

However, when Garrett Mason shows up at the inn, she wonders if maybe her fictional characters are springing to life. Between his rugged good looks and heart of gold, she can’t help but fall for him. But as family secrets unravel all around her, she realizes that if she can’t mend her relationship with her sisters, there is no point in attempting anything with the man who’s stolen her heart.

After all, coming home doesn’t mean you’re staying home, and she can’t afford to let herself fall in love with a man she’ll never see again. Samantha has spent most of her life creating worlds she wished she lived in and maybe now it’s time to make her dreams a reality.
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