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Island County Completer Bundle (Books 6-16)

Island County Completer Bundle (Books 6-16)

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💕Binge the final 11 books in the bestselling Island County Series in this Exclusive Bundle. Perfect addition for those who've read or are about to read the Mega Romance Bundle!

💖 DISCOUNT: Over 50% off!!

🔥📚 Why You'll Love This Bundle:

  • Eleven heartwarming novels, each a standalone story with a happily-ever-after.
  • Perfect blend of heart, humor, and heat.
  • Relatable characters, engaging plots, and settings that transport you to paradise.
  • A cozy escape that promises laughter, tears, and a whole lot of love.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Yes! Chance at Love could be read as a standalone. But my question would be...WHY would you want to only read just one? This whole series is absolutely amazing and one of my very favorites by Bolton. I get the squishy, ooey gooey heart flutters with each and every book in the series. And not to mention, I seriously smile the whole way through them all. Bolton delivers brilliant writing, terrific characters, and amazing atmosphere. So yeah? Why read just one? Get them all!" - Mandy I Read Indie

Your Next Favorite Read Awaits! Don't miss this chance to lose yourself in the world of island romance set off the cozy coast of Washington state, where every story is a journey of the heart. Add this bundle to your cart and let the magic of love sweep you away!

Find out why so many readers can't get enough of Fireweed Island today!

Finding Love Excerpt:

“You’re so beautiful,” Mason whispered.

I glanced at my tattered jeans and grungy t-shirt. My hair was messy in a gathered ponytail, and he thought this was beautiful. How could I turn my back on him?

I slowly licked my lips as his smile broke the intensity we shared. He rested his forehead against mine, and our eyes stayed fastened.

“You want me to kiss you again.” His voice was low and confident.

I didn’t respond but closed my eyes and hoped I didn’t ruin my chance.

Mason placed one last soft kiss on my lips and let his breath out slowly.

Not wanting the moment to be over, I reluctantly opened my eyes, still in awe over what his kisses did to me.

Even when they might mean the end.

A summer fling might have been what I needed, but I knew Mason had the ability to change the course of where I thought my life was headed. And that scared me. I wasn’t ready for another relationship. I might never be ready for that.

The feel of his lips still lingered on mine, and I wouldn’t dare admit how much Mason’s kiss affected me and made me doubt my decision to leave the island.

Mason took a step back, sensing exactly what his kisses did to me.

He cleared his throat. “We should get back to the fireplace,” he said, motioning at the stone in the family room.

“Right. Yeah. The fireplace,” I said, lifting my gaze from his and knowing that might have been the last kiss I ever experienced with Mason Rhodes.

And it made my  heart ache with disappointment.

Books Included:

Chance at Love on Mystic Bay

Irresistible Love at Silver Falls

Lucky in Love on Hound Island

Mistletoe Mischief

Accidental Love on Meadow Cove Lane

Discovering Love on Cranberry Lane

Christmas on Fireweed

Imagining Love on Fireweed

Christmas Crush on Fireweed

Waiting on Love at Hawthorne Avenue

Forever Christmas on Sugarplum Lane

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