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Leaving You

Leaving You

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Lana Roberts always thought she grew up with the perfect parents who ran the perfect inn surrounded by the perfect family. Never in a million years did she expect that her family clung to secrets like a spider to its web. Lana’s version of reality obviously didn’t occur, and it has left her shook. For years, she’s waited for the perfect guy to swoop her off her feet, but it’s slowly dawning on her that there’s no such thing as perfection. In its place are lost dreams, but she’s determined to reclaim them.

When Lana decides to go on a solo road trip to Montana, her world becomes as vivid as her wildest dreams, and she learns that it’s never too late to have a new beginning.

Jacob Miller has had it all, done it all, and is desperately trying to escape it all. He’s spent the better part of his twenties and and most of his thirties playing stadiums and trying to make the road home, but he’s had enough and his vacation home in Montana promises to provide the peace he needs to end his career.

It isn’t until Lana Roberts barrels into town talking about her own dreams that he realizes his aren’t quite over, and he hopes he can convince her that maybe the two of them could be something special, but she’s worried it’s too good to be true. Now it’s up to Jacob to convince her that life can be their own kind of perfect.

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