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Loving You

Loving You

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Charlotte has kept her life exactly the way it had been handed to her. She inherited her mom’s bookstore and has been busy running it ever since. She also became an expert at keeping secrets and fitting into the small town where everyone knows everyone’s business. Charlotte realizes as she sees her secret sisters having a blast in town, friends and families gathering at the holidays, and lives flourishing all around her that the secrets she’s kept close to her heart are eating her alive and keeping her from truly having a life.

When she finally decides to reveal the truth, she knows people could be hurt, but that’s not her intention. She just never expects the news to rock the entire town.

Zach is looking forward to an escape to Washington. His client is having a signing at one of the local bookstores and staying at the local inn sounds like the perfect vacation he needs. He’s looking forward to the moment the signing is over, his client is on the way to the airport, and he can try to forget what his life in New York is all about.

It isn’t until he runs into the owner of the quaint little bookstore when he realizes he might just want to extend his stay. But as he watches the world slowly implode around Charlotte, he learns the secrets that she’s been keeping might stop her from ever finding love.

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