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Pinch of Love

Pinch of Love

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A romantic, funny, and heartwarming novel about discovering what matters most in life. Welcome to Buttercup Lake and the Sunshine Breakfast Club, where love is always waiting just around the corner with a little help from the town’s little book club.

Maya Bailey planned nothing more than a summer trip to Buttercup Lake to visit her sister, niece, and grandma. She needed to get the bad taste out of her mouth from being stood up at the altar, or in this case, the courthouse. It doesn’t help that the man who broke her heart also owns half of the company she runs and has no intention of departing amicably.

But when Maya rolls into the small town of Buttercup Lake, she sees how incredibly happy her sister and niece are in the small resort town on the lake, and she wonders if she’s been chasing after the wrong things all these years.

It doesn’t help that the house on the lake she’s renting happens to have a really attentive landlord, who is the sexiest man in existence. Too bad she no longer trusts men.

Cash Knox is used to tourists coming into town and trashing his lake house with a dreaded promise to return, but when his next guest shows up, he can barely remember the code to open the front door and trips over his tongue, offering to promise Maya a good time, which wasn’t exactly what he meant.

As he gets to know Maya, he realizes that maybe she’s not the only one who’s been prioritizing things in life incorrectly, but as they grow closer, Cash knows there’s something that could tear them apart, and he doesn’t know how to tell her the secret he never intended on keeping.
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