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RecruitZ Signed Paperback

RecruitZ Signed Paperback

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Grab the first in the bestselling Afterworld Series and have it signed! Once they're sold out, the price will go up.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Oh you get zombies but better yet you get zombie clones that are being trained to fight and kill. Their first mission is to kill the scientists who were working to find a cure for the disease that made the zombie in the first place. And, that's where this story starts...This is a must read book for anyone of loves reading no matter what your typically preferred genre is!!!!!" Reviewer

Step into the desolate echoes of a world ravaged by an unforgiving plague in the Afterworld, an adrenaline-fueled saga where love and vengeance collide amidst the ruins of civilization. Follow Rebekah, a survivor whose heart beats with the determination to reconstruct a shattered society and cherish a peaceful future with her husband Gavin.

But in a cruel twist of fate, Gavin is torn from her embrace, plunging Rebekah into a treacherous odyssey into a perilous new world. Fueled by a relentless thirst for revenge, she delves into the shadowy depths of an Afterworld, where the undead are mere pawns in a sinister game of power, and the currency of human life dwindles to dust.

Rebekah's solitary fight transforms when she encounters Preston, a fellow seeker of truth, in the unlikeliest of sanctuaries—a local dive bar. Bonded by the common threads of loss and despair, they unite with a shared mission to unravel the conspiracy that seeks to harness the undead for malevolent purposes.

With every step deeper into the heart of darkness, Rebekah and Preston find themselves hunted by an emergent evil that thirsts for control.

 ✔️You will receive an email from Karice after purchase asking for name personalization. If you'd rather just have a general signing with no personalization just let her know that too.

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