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Remembering You

Remembering You

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It's another beautiful day at Cloudberry Inn for the Roberts sisters, unless you're Vera. Will she ever be able to let go of the mistakes from her past to embrace a new future? Maybe if Drew North has a hand in it...

Vera Roberts knew she didn’t have it all. In fact, she was quite certain that she had the exact opposite of having it all and was left wondering if her turn would ever come. She’d spent her life living out everyone else’s dreams and was running on fumes while attempting to keep the Cloudberry Inn afloat. She felt life passing her by as her other sisters seemed so certain about their roles in the world.

When Vera’s sister Samantha finally reappears at Cloudberry Inn with her own dreams seemingly fulfilled, it makes Vera begin to wonder what could have been if Vera was the one who’d left the Inn and Samantha stayed. It didn’t help that Vera’s childhood love suddenly reappeared in her life. Well, not him exactly—but his family.

It was all she could do to forget that Drew North existed in the first place and now his family was busy renting out Cloudberry Inn for wedding engagements and festivities that reminded her she was alone, and he was nowhere to be found.

When tragedy strikes, Vera realizes the only way to realize her own dreams is to be brave, but she knows her family needs her now more than ever, and she’s always done what’s right. Even if that means giving up on her own dreams, whatever they might have been.

Drew North never understood his brothers’ fascination with happily-ever-after. He knew it wasn’t for him. He had plenty to keep him busy running the Silver Ridge Resort. Everything was fine. He was fine. Until he saw her. Vera Roberts. The girl he’d had a crush on. The girl who broke his heart and shaped the rest of his world when it came to love or the lack thereof. He was totally over her. So, why did he have second thoughts about ignoring her message?

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