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Signed Sunshine Breakfast Club Series (Paperback)

Signed Sunshine Breakfast Club Series (Paperback)

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📚 Binge the entire Sunshine Breakfast Club Series today. Between first loves, second chances, single dad and single mom romance, and a zippy meddling book club, this series has something for everyone! This bundle includes all 5 signed paperbacks in the series! 

Welcome to Buttercup Lake and the Sunshine Breakfast Club, where love is always waiting just around the corner with a little help from the town’s little book club.

Books included: Dash of Love, Pinch of Love, Sprinkle of Love, Christmas of Love, Smidge of Love [Signed Paperbacks]

An unforgettable summer at Buttercup Lake where healing and hope fill the days and a little book club mends broken hearts in unexpected ways.

* Books will be shipped in two to three weeks. Waiting for new stock. Books will be shipped once they arrive from printer.

Dash of Love: 
Grace Henry's life turns upside down with secrets left by her late husband. Now a single mom at thirty-five, dealing with a moody teenager and a tough job, she's in for a change. The peaceful Buttercup Lake, where she found comfort as a girl, calls her back for a summer that promises new beginnings.

But returning to Buttercup Lake with her daughter brings many surprises, and most seem to stem from a tiny book club called the Sunshine Breakfast Club.

Jackson Locke, the boy who once captured Grace’s heart, vowed never to return after heartbreak. But family duty calls him back to care for his sick uncle, and he can't say no. Coming back means facing Grace, the girl who changed everything for him.

When Jackson and Grace bump into each other, sparks fly. They're older and wiser, but the flirtatious banter and undeniable attraction suggest this summer could be full of surprises and second chances.

However, Grace still needs to know why he stood her up and left her so many years ago, and his answer might change everything.

Pinch of Love

Maya Bailey planned nothing more than a summer trip to Buttercup Lake to visit her sister, niece, and grandma. She needed to get the bad taste out of her mouth from being stood up at the altar, or in this case, the courthouse. It doesn’t help that the man who broke her heart also owns half of the company she runs and has no intention of departing amicably.

But when Maya rolls into the small town of Buttercup Lake, she sees how incredibly happy her sister and niece are in the small resort town on the lake, and she wonders if she’s been chasing after the wrong things all these years.

It doesn’t help that the house on the lake she’s renting happens to have a really attentive landlord, who is the sexiest man in existence. Too bad she no longer trusts men.

Cash Knox is used to tourists coming into town and trashing his lake house with a dreaded promise to return, but when his next guest shows up, he can barely remember the code to open the front door and trips over his tongue, offering to promise Maya a good time, which wasn’t exactly what he meant.

As he gets to know Maya, he realizes that maybe she’s not the only one who’s been prioritizing things in life incorrectly, but as they grow closer, Cash knows there’s something that could tear them apart, and he doesn’t know how to tell her the secret he never intended on keeping.

Sprinkle of Love


Nina Bailey nearly crashed and burned upon arrival to Buttercup Lake. Still, from all outward appearances, she’s got her life together…Or at least as together as a single, bohemian artist nearing forty possibly could have. Oh, and she just moved in with her grandma.

But what she hasn’t told her sisters is that her life is falling apart all around her, and Buttercup Lake is her last hope. And then she meets Beckett—the one man who dangles an opportunity in front of her she just can’t resist.

Beckett Knox loves living anywhere other than a place no one has ever heard of in a state that regularly turns into the arctic multiple times each winter and where the residents tout cheese curds as a gourmet experience. Plus, everyone is always smiling and happy. It’s like a disease. He just doesn’t get it.

So, when his parents invite him to come home to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary, he reluctantly hops on a flight headed to the Midwest. But he hasn’t been home in over five years and never expects to see such drastic changes to his hometown.

Or the woman who is annoyingly perky, gorgeous, and smarter than any woman he’s ever met. The problem is that Nina Bailey is about to become his sister-in-law and has no plans for leaving Buttercup Lake.

Which is exactly why he promises himself nothing more than a fling because that’s all he ever does. It’s all he’s ever done.

Until Nina.

Christmas of Love

Daisy knows Hunter Knox hasn’t had the best track record with women…partially because there’s a revolving door at the front of the bar he owns, but she sees a side of him that no one else does.

When the lights turn down and the music shuts off, she gets to see the man behind the bar. He’s caring, soulful, and poetic. Everything she shouldn’t see in her boss.

But the good news is that she’s only working through the winter and then she can go back home to Buttercup Lake and shake him off.

Hunter Knox knows he’s awful at choosing the right woman. He gets dazzled too easily and falls for one too many one-liners, but it’s the Knox way.

When his mom introduces him to Daisy, his world is turned upside down. He can’t think straight. He tells her everything about his life, his mistakes, his dreams.

And then she’s gone… back to her real life up north at the lake. After all, she only had a winter job.

But when one of his flings turns up at his door holding a bundle, it’s Daisy who’s there to lend an unexpected hand.

Before he knows it, he’s playing make-believe and wishing for something impossible to have.

Smidge of Love

Amy Nichols revels in her role as a nanny for the wealthy Bassiett family in bustling Chicago, complete with the luxury of jetting off in their private plane to far-flung locales. She loves the anonymity city life brings her because she loves nothing more than snuggling in with a good book and pretending other humans don’t exist.

However, Amy’s cosmopolitan life takes a dramatic turn when the family purchases a home in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. But Amy is determined to embrace her new life in the quaint town of Buttercup Lake, with its endearing streets and tight-knit community.

And then she meets HIM – the town's sheriff. He's a solid, rugged boulder of a man whose mere smile leaves her breathless. He’s boisterous and loud…and she can’t get him out of her head.

Yet, Nate is seemingly oblivious to her friendly smiles and greetings, making Amy think about hightailing it back to the city. She doesn’t feel like getting her heart trampled on twice in a lifetime.

From the moment Nate sees Amy, he feels an instinctual urge to keep his distance. She represents everything he believes he shouldn't want – sweet, shy, stunningly beautiful, and with a mere look, she can drop him to his knees.

But he wants nothing more than to protect and shield her heart, even if it’s from him.

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