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Smidge of Love

Smidge of Love

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The Sunshine Breakfast Club is at it again when they secretly pair two opposites together in this small-town romance filled with book club shenanigans, strong friendships, and a town full of possibilities...

Amy Nichols revels in her role as a nanny for the wealthy Bassiett family in bustling Chicago, complete with the luxury of jetting off in their private plane to far-flung locales. She loves the anonymity city life brings her because she loves nothing more than snuggling in with a good book and pretending other humans don’t exist.

However, Amy’s cosmopolitan life takes a dramatic turn when the family purchases a home in the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin. But Amy is determined to embrace her new life in the quaint town of Buttercup Lake, with its endearing streets and tight-knit community.

And then she meets HIM – the town's sheriff. He's a solid, rugged boulder of a man whose mere smile leaves her breathless. He’s boisterous and loud…and she can’t get him out of her head.

Yet, Nate is seemingly oblivious to her friendly smiles and greetings, making Amy think about hightailing it back to the city. She doesn’t feel like getting her heart trampled on twice in a lifetime.

From the moment Nate sees Amy, he feels an instinctual urge to keep his distance. She represents everything he believes he shouldn't want – sweet, shy, stunningly beautiful, and with a mere look, she can drop him to his knees.
But he wants nothing more than to protect and shield her heart, even if it’s from him.
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