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Sprinkle of Love

Sprinkle of Love

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Nina Bailey nearly crashed and burned upon arrival to Buttercup Lake. Still, from all outward appearances, she’s got her life together…Or at least as together as a single, bohemian artist nearing forty possibly could have. Oh, and she just moved in with her grandma.

But what she hasn’t told her sisters is that her life is falling apart all around her, and Buttercup Lake is her last hope. And then she meets Beckett—the one man who dangles an opportunity in front of her she just can’t resist.

Beckett Knox loves living anywhere other than a place no one has ever heard of in a state that regularly turns into the arctic multiple times each winter and where the residents tout cheese curds as a gourmet experience. Plus, everyone is always smiling and happy. It’s like a disease. He just doesn’t get it.

So, when his parents invite him to come home to celebrate their fortieth wedding anniversary, he reluctantly hops on a flight headed to the Midwest. But he hasn’t been home in over five years and never expects to see such drastic changes to his hometown.

Or the woman who is annoyingly perky, gorgeous, and smarter than any woman he’s ever met. The problem is that Nina Bailey is about to become his sister-in-law and has no plans for leaving Buttercup Lake.

Which is exactly why he promises himself nothing more than a fling because that’s all he ever does. It’s all he’s ever done.

Until Nina.
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