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The Complete Island County Series

The Complete Island County Series

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Dive into a treasure trove of 16 captivating romance novels set on Fireweed Island! From the undeniable pull of second-chance love, the electric charge between a grumpy BFF and their beam of sunshine, the nostalgia of childhood sweethearts, to the thrilling escapades of a rockstar's romance - this bundle is crafted to enthrall every romance reader. ❤️

The best part? This one-of-a-kind collection has never been available before as a bundle and is exclusively curated for my cherished readers at a discounted price at only 29.99!

🎁 Why wait? Experience love in its most intoxicating forms. Grab this unbeatable deal, and let these tales whisk you away on a rollercoaster of emotions!




Finding Love in Forgotten Cove

Love Redone in Hidden Harbor

Tangled Love on Pelican Point

Forever Love on Fireweed Island

Tempting Love on Holly Lane

Chance at Love on Mystic Bay

Irresistible Love At Silver Falls

Lucky in Love on Hound Island

Mistletoe Mischief

Accidental Love on Meadow Cove Lane

Discovering Love on Cranberry Lane

Christmas on Fireweed

Imagining Love on Willow Road

Christmas Crush on Fireweed

Waiting on Love at Hawthorne Avenue

Forever Christmas on Sugarplum Lane


Finding Love Excerpt

The man stretched on the ladder outside my classroom window put me in a trance. The way his shirt tugged just right to reveal his chiseled abs, and his jeans slung low enough to make my imagination run wild told me what I already knew. I was doomed after my fiancé cheated on me. I was now firmly a believer in look but don't touch. And after the chat I had with the other teachers a few minutes ago, I wasn't the only one in awe over the guy outside.

I pushed the folder with the students’ papers into my bag and sighed.

The sound of the ladder jiggling had stopped so I snuck over to the window and before I had a chance to lift the blinds and close the window, a husky laugh washed over me from behind. I turned around to see the man, who’d been hanging outside my window, right in front of me, grinning as if he held a secret I wasn’t privy to.

And Tessa was right. He was the full, complete, impossibly perfect package. Every amazing ounce of him looked delicious. His gaze met mine, and all I could do was turn right back around to secure the window and hide my embarrassment for the second time in less than ten minutes.

“You know, we have feelings too,” he said bemused.

Oh, dear Lord.

As I worked the window shut, I flipped the locks in place and brought the blinds down once again before turning to face the music and the man. I let out a silent sigh and slid the smile off my lips. I didn’t need his head to get any bigger than it already was.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I said, walking over to my desk.

“Oh, but I think you do.” He flashed an even wider grin, and my heart nearly stopped on the spot. I wanted to be swallowed up in the ground and transported all the way back to upstate New York. So I did what any normal human would do when faced with an overly cocky man, I grabbed my bag and walked past him.

“Don’t flatter yourself,” I muttered.

“I wouldn’t dream of it. By the sound of it though, the teachers around here do enough of that for me. But don’t listen to anything they tell you.” He winked, and I couldn’t help myself from stopping right where I was, which happened to be in the doorway, while I wondered how much he’d actually heard perched outside my window.

We both stood in silence for a few moments. His vibrant, blue eyes held an intensity that was intriguing as he let the words sink in. He definitely had the upper hand, but I would change that. The smile swept all the way through his expression, and it was impossible not to be a little interested in the man on the ladder, who was now smirking in front of me. His dark blond hair and olive skin tone was a disastrous combination for someone trying to stay uninterested. His broad shoulders filled out his shirt and the slouchy jeans he was wearing made my eyes want to do another dip, but I refused to give in.

He knew he was good-looking. There was no way a person could be that attractive and not know it, but there was also something absolutely adorable lurking behind his gaze. He was trouble, and I certainly wasn’t looking for trouble this summer. I’d left enough of it behind to last a lifetime.

He leaned along the doorway and stretched his arms slightly, but I refused to fall for it. I did not look down. I kept my gaze securely fastened on his. I was less than a foot away from him, and I felt every bit of that closeness. To say I felt electricity zipping between us would be a great disservice to the storm I felt brewing inside of me, and I wholly blamed the man in front of me for knowing how to make a woman swoon. It had to be a learned technique otherwise all the teachers here wouldn’t be under his spell. I was just annoyed with myself for falling for it or him or whatever this was swelling inside of me.

“So my real reason for popping in on you was to see if there was anything around the classroom that you needed fixed before summer school gets totally underway? I always like to get these rooms started first if there is a task that needs to be completed.”

I looked around the room and the only thing that could help this space was a complete overhaul, and I knew that wasn’t in the budget so I shook my head. “I hope to get the kids outside as much as possible.”

He tapped his fingers on the door and gave a slight nod. “Brave woman. Okay, well if you need to add anything to my list, I’m usually here on Fridays, but I wanted to get a jumpstart for the summer.”

“Thanks.” I said, attempting to get by him.

“So where do you plan on taking the students?” he asked.

I was surprised by his question, but even more thrilled that I’d made it all the way into the hallway. Distance from this man definitely worked in my favor.

“I’m not sure yet. There are so many amazing beaches close to the school that it’ll be hard to pick. Or I could take the students to one of the piers, and we could take a class on wooden boatbuilding. Although, I think getting that to fit into the history lessons might be challenging. I could definitely work it into the maritime history of the island, but only time will tell, which I don’t have much of. It’s probably going to be a very rough go of it. Getting the kids interested during summer school seems almost impossible.”

He’d moved into the hallway with me, and he grinned as his eyes fastened on something behind me. I turned to follow his gaze and saw a huge poster of a pelican. Each classroom was referred to as a seabird. I happened to be in the “pelican” classroom.

“So are you a pelican or a pelican’t?” he asked, his eyes twinkled with a mischief that made me want to know more about him.

“Excuse me?” I asked, not sure I heard him correctly.

“Are you a pelican or a pelican’t? You strike me as a pelican.” His brow rose, and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter at the most horribly wonderful pun ever heard by mankind. “But you were starting to sound like a pelican’t.”

“I suppose I’m in the former group.”

He folded his arms and his smile deepened. “And which group would that be?”

“I’m not going to say it.” I smiled, glancing at the noble pelican on the poster. I liked it even more now.

“You’re not going to say which group you fall into?” he asked.


“Well, I’m a pelican. Always have been a pelican. Pelican’ts drive me nuts, but until I hear you say it, I guess I won’t know which group you truly fall into.”

Tessa poked her head out of her classroom and gave me the thumbs-up sign and I wanted to shoo her away. Everything about this encounter was so awkward and he was eating it up.

And I loved every second of it.

My cheeks were almost hurting from the amount of smiling that started when I first saw part of this man balanced outside the window, and it took everything in my power not to give into temptation and hand him what he wanted. But I was doing it for my own sanity. I couldn’t afford to start any relationships in the near or distant future.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait to see which group I fall into.”

 “I don’t think I caught your name,” he said. “And it’s not listed on the door yet.”

“Victoria.” I didn’t dare ask for his.

He flashed a knowing grin, which worried me slightly, but I shook it off.

“Well, it was nice to meet you, Victoria. I hope I get the pleasure of standing on a ladder right outside your window next week, and just maybe you’ll sign up for summer school next year.”

My cheeks reddened again, and I let out a completely unattractive chortle-laugh and shook my head. “You heard that?”

“I heard it all.” He smiled and walked into my classroom, leaving me to wonder what in the world I’d gotten myself into.



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