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The Signed Witch Avenue Series Paperback Set

The Signed Witch Avenue Series Paperback Set

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Signed Paperbacks~An addictive series that makes you never want to leave Witch Avenue! Grab the entire Witch Avenue Series for a huge discount! Once they're sold out, the price will go up.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"This story was fabulous. I loved each part, loved walking with Triss as she explored who she was, the power she has, and the struggle to let someone close to her even after the tragic loss of her mother. Logan is strong, compassionate and has a dark side that I do hope comes out more in the upcoming books- which I am definitely getting at my first opportunity. I enjoyed the writing style, the inner dialogue, and the exercises the Triss and Logan must go through in order to prepare her for what is to come."

Triss's life has always been tough, but everything falls apart when her mom disappears. Haunted by spirits with unsettling stories, finding mysterious hints about her mom's whereabouts, and facing rejection from her coven, Triss's eighteenth birthday is far from what she imagined.

Stepping in to help is her childhood best friend, Logan, who she hasn't seen for years. He's different now, in ways she couldn't have expected.

Logan's old feelings for Triss resurface, but finding her mom is his priority. Together, they dive into a world of hidden truths and freeing trapped souls, hoping to uncover where her mom is.

But the journey reveals connections to Logan he never anticipated, uncovering a darkness threatening to unravel the reality they know.

✔️You will receive an email from Karice after purchase asking for name personalization. If you'd rather just have a general signing with no personalization just let her know that too.

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